Parents are used to investing in a new pair of Mercurials for their youngsters every season. So you could say the kids are bigger, more passionate, more loyal fans of Nike than grown-ups are.

Which begs a fundamental question. Where do kids hang out at Nike?

We proposed a branded content platform for 7-13 year olds. It’s bursting with animated films about the lives of sporting legends. It’s packed with dance videos breaking down the sweetest of moves - somewhere to share their mad-skills and pick up some handy coaching tips.

It’s a place for kids to submit their own designs for next gen boots. A channel that brings on new community initiatives, tagging spaces and places to play. All connected to easy-to-get ‘rules of the beautiful game’ and ‘legends’ books that come with every brand new pair of Mercurials.

But the thing that’s most beautiful about this virtual space? It’s all 100% safe.

“Hat’s off to you guys. You found an angle we hadn’t thought of. And that’s saying something…”

Juan-Carlos Guray

Head of e-commerce, NIKE North America